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Taskmatics Scheduler 2.0 Released

We’ve just released version 2.0 of Taskmatics Scheduler, which focused primarily on creation of a more intuitive, more powerful user interface. We also packed in a number of bugfixes, performance tweaks and stability improvements. How to get it The downloads page has been updated to provide a link to the 2.0.1 installer. Users needing to […]

Taskmatics Scheduler 1.1 Released

We’ve released version today which contains many performance improvements as well as some new features that were requested by the community. This means that if you download the installer today you’ll be getting the new version, and we’ve updated the Taskmatics Scheduler package on the Nuget repository with a new version. The primary focus […]

Monitoring Flights and Sending SMS with Taskmatics Scheduler and Enzo Unified

Software developers need to build solutions quickly so that businesses remain competitive and agile. This blog post shows you how Taskmatics Scheduler and Enzo Unified can help developers build and deploy solutions very quickly by removing two significant pain points: the learning curve of new APIs, and orchestrating Internet services. Sample Solution Let’s build a […]

Not Just .NET: Run node.js Scripts In a Task – Part 1

Taskmatics Scheduler is known for being a powerful tool that .NET developers can use to simplify their task automation. By providing an easy to use API, it allows developers to leverage the power of the scheduling platform to run custom .NET tasks. What might not be well known is that it’s also super easy to […]

How Asynchronous Operations Can Reduce Performance

It’s well known that asynchronous programming can improve application performance. Developers writing Windows applications are trying to keep the UI thread responsive as work is performed in the background while website and web API developers attempt to maximize thread availability for processing new requests. Like any technique, however, asynchronous programming can produce results that are […]

Taskmatics Scheduler and Windows Azure Scheduler: Redux

There has been a lot of coverage lately about the Windows Azure Scheduler offering currently in preview. After getting familiar with the product, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about what it brings to the table and how it differs from Taskmatics Scheduler, which is currently in beta. We’ll also talk […]

Going with the Flow: Simplifying Producer/Consumer Processing with TPL Dataflow Structures

In programming, even simple looking requirements can foreshadow some of the most complex code developers can create. Often the complexity is driven by factors that we, as developers, need to consider that the business defining the requirements do not. These factors normally include performance metrics like throughput, latency and demand on system resources. This article […]

Why use Taskmatics Scheduler

Why use Taskmatics Scheduler? Taskmatics is preparing for its first major release of its flagship application, Taskmatics Scheduler.  If you’re a .Net developer you should be excited about this application.  To understand why, it helps to understand the motivation behind creating the system in the first place.  We believe that the same reasons that compelled […]