Prepackaged Components

Taskmatics Scheduler provides a list of configurable built in components.

The prepackaged components enable administrators to configure common tasks without the need for custom development or support.

The following table details the prepackaged components available with a Taskmatics Scheduler install:

File system watcher Activates tasks when one or more file system events takes place on a specified folder.
Calendar Provides a mechanism for scheduling any task at a specific date and time. This robust
trigger features standard calendar features (date/time) for scheduling tasks at
a given time, and more advanced features like recurring schedules.
Manual Provides a way for users to trigger a job to execute independently of a trigger
event. For example, this would allow a user to run a job at the press of a button.
Event Handlers
Email This event handler can send a custom configured email to one or more specified email
File copy A task that allows one or more files to be copied between two or more configurable
Command line A task that allows execution of a shell process.
Database script A task that allows execution of one or more database statements or stored procedures
using T-SQL