• Customize Taskmatics Scheduler For Your Environment

  • Single Coordinator, Single Agent

    This is the recommended option for users just starting with Taskmatics Scheduler. Includes licensing for the entire Taskmatics Scheduler system for a single server. If your task workload grows later you can scale out by adding more agents.


  • Enterprise Pack (Three Coordinators, Six Agents)

    The recommended option for users working with multiple environments. Includes licensing for three separate environments (3 coordinators), as well as two agents for each environment.


  • Scale Out An Existing Taskmatics Scheduler Environment

  • Single Agent

    Add an additional agent to scale out your existing Taskmatics Scheduler environment.


  • Six Agent Bundle

    The ultimate value for scale. Add an additional six agents to an existing Taskmatics Scheduler environment.




*Gold support includes response time to submitted issues within a single business day. Standard support response time is within five business days.